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At cp2 our sole focus is to help companies create a customer experience that is consistent, differentiates your brand, turns customers into advocates and drives profitable growth

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Our Customer Experience Consultancy services can help you define your strategy and objectives; build a framework for change; create alignment and rules of engagement for leaders; understand your customers’ current experience and the experience they would like to see you deliver in the future, develop a Customer Promise and redesign the end to end experience, establish a programme of change and ensure that the change remains embedded through innovative training and coachingCustomer Experience Consultancy

Customer Experience Training

Our Customer Experience Training and Communications team will ensure employees ‘live your brand’ and drive the profitable growth you are looking for.

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Our team of experts cover a wide range disciplines that are integral to delivering a successful customer experience programme.

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cp2’s International experience covers both B2B and B2C across retail, telecoms, financial services, hospitality, and technology sectors. 

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Over the last decade we have worked with multinational companies across a wide range of sectors to design, train and deliver customer experience strategies.

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Despite the complexity facing an international airline like British Airways, its challenge is essentially a very simple one. Remain clear and single minded about what the BA brand stands for – its purpose – and ensure its people deliver an outstanding experience to target customers who board their aircraft every day.

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Stage experiences to make the brand stand out from the crowd.

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Experiences they say are different from services. Services may be customised, meet a need and provide a benefit for the customer but experiences connect emotionally and create a memorable event that can be charged for, either as a stand alone element of the customer proposition or as a justification for premium pricing.

Make a promise to your employees too – People Promise

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Make a promise to your employees too Developing a Customer [...]

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