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Banking and Financial Services

Consumer Duty – how to overcome the challenges in your Dear CEO letter

You'll have already seen the FCA's February Dear CEO letter about implementing Consumer Duty. After reviewing the plans of some firms, the regulator reports that while some are making good progress, others are facing significant risks and challenges. Across many firms there are some common areas of weakness. Right [...]

Customer retention starts with your culture and people – lessons from Revolut

Retail banking shouldn't be seen as an endless bout between between challenger and incumbent. Customers don't view their experience in this way. Neither should you. People are seeking financial allies, not adversaries. They don't care about the issues that preoccupy most traditional banks - legacies, cost, regulatory pressures, models [...]

How to sustain customer loyalty as the cost of living crisis deepens

“75% of brands could disappear ... and most consumers wouldn't care ...” What’s going wrong with the UK services sector? As I ended last week as Mr Angry, having had bad experiences with my bank, utility provider, and delivery company, I reflected on what had gone so wrong. Have [...]

How to prove CX ROI – a winner’s story

Businesses are swimming in CX metrics. But most organisations are still data rich and insight poor when it comes to measuring the business impact and return on their efforts. By their own admission, about one-in-six companies are unable to link customer experience investment back to business results, according to [...]

cp2experience partner Permanent TSB wins CX Impact Award – here’s why

We are delighted to announce that partner Permanent TSB has won the financial services category at The Irish CX Impact Awards 2021. The bank took home the award for its commitment to the grassroots development and growth of its transformative Blackbelt CX programme. The winner's story showed how Permanent [...]