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Stars show inflight safety in a hilarious, new, British Airways Video

By investing in a new safety video BA opens itself to criticism from passengers who have seen numerous cuts in service

How useful is customer satisfaction as a measure? Aldi tops M&S and Waitrose

Are we now seeing a new breed of company that can drive costs down and at the same time deliver sector leading customer satisfaction?

British Airways To Fly to Serve – seems a long way from the reality

Despite the operational complexity facing an international airline like British Airways, its challenge is essentially a very simple one

How to get employees to emotionally connect with customers through behavioural training

We challenge ourselves to design a training experience that is the most memorable and fun that participants’ have ever experienced

M&S is hoping that its new ad will save the company

The challenge for M&S is to establish a shopping experience that customers enjoy and are excited by.

Why executives should be interested in behavioural science

Behavioural science matters because it shapes the memories and feelings we take away from an experience.

Ikea: Behavioural science keeps us coming back

One of the issues that many executives struggle with is in deciding where they should invest in order to drive higher levels of customer loyalty.

Do loyalty schemes drive loyalty?

Loyalty schemes represent a multi-million-pound industry. Many businesses have got a finger within the loyalty ‘pie’. Tesco have the Club Card, Boots have the Advantage Card and Sainsburys are part of the Nectar network.

If customer satisfaction is not enough, how do we create fans?

Satisfaction used to be the standard. People used to be perfectly happy with ‘satisfied’. But something has changed. In fact, a number of things have changed.