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The Opportunity

Following a series of acquisitions, our client had grown rapidly. The sales and service teams that were brought together operated in different ways which resulted in an inconsistent experience for customers. There was a degree of tension between the sales, the service and the technical on-boarding groups designed to create a seamless experience for clients.

The opportunity was to create a new sales and service experience for enterprise customers that was consistent, of value for customers and which built on the best practice already in place in pockets, in the legacy businesses.

The Solution

  • A substantial ‘voice of the customer’ programme was in place and the company collected large volumes of data on a rolling quarterly basis. Despite its scale, there was no clear insight and the programme did not drive action
  • By re-analysing the data and presenting it is a different way, we were able to identify the ‘value drivers’ for target segments and relate them back to individual customer touchpoints
  • This work formed the basis for a series of workshops which led to the development of a customer promise and a redesigned end to end sales, service and client on-boarding proposition
  • A whole raft of proposition changes were tested with employees and then with customers before they were implemented

The Results - Customer Testimonial

Due to cp2's insight and leadership we created an experience which had shared ownership, which drove changes to our delivery of the basics. Our solution was also ‘on brand’ and tapped into the opportunity we have to over-deliver at the key points which made the biggest difference to our customers and our business success

Aleksandra Alfonso Global Head of Branded Customer Experience

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