How can you turn your customers into fans so that they only buy from you and go on to recommend you to others?

Why ”fans”? Isn’t it enough to simply satisfy customers?

No. Research has shown that ‘satisfied’ customers are not loyal. They will leave you for a better offer.

The answer lies in creating a customer experience so distinctive and valuable that it goes beyond satisfaction to customer advocacy. Advocates are more interested in product and service quality than price. This leads to higher margins and greater resistance to competitors’ price promotions.

The principles of customer advocacy hold true whatever the nature of your industry and customer base. Delighted customers have an affiliation for your brand that translates into bottom line growth. But how do you create loyalty so strong that customers become your best sales people?

TRUST is the key to advocacy. Only by consistently delivering a customer experience that earns a high degree of trust will customers be prepared to recommend your company to others.

cp2experience will help you create and implement a customer experience that helps you turn your most profitable customers into fans.