Customer experience design

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With your customer promise defined, the next step is to identify what needs to happen, end to end and at each customer journey touchpoint, in order to hit the sweet spot for target customers

The aim of a customer experience strategy is to influence the buying behaviour of your most strategically valuable customers. The goal is to make them more loyal. The experience you deliver every day, through every touchpoint, tangible or intangible, either builds value for your brand or damages it. The sum of all these touchpoints is the customer experience. It defines what you stand for as an organisation and shapes how customers think and feel about the your company.

With your customer promise defined, we utilise the latest thinking in behavioural economics and work with you to identify what needs to happen at each touchpoint to deliver the promise in a way that is unique to you and valuable to your customers. Delivering consistently at each touchpoint is important. We know inconsistency causes customers to defect. We also know that the consistent delivery against customers’ functional needs is not enough to drive true loyalty. True loyalty requires an emotional connection as well. When businesses engage with customers both functionally and emotionally, over time, customers become loyal and will willingly recommend the organisation to friends, family and colleagues. And we know that loyalty and advocacy leads to increased revenue growth and profitability.

For some companies the customer experience is intentional, for others it’s left to chance. Don’t leave it to chance.

In addition to customer experience design, we also offer customer insight and organisational alignment.

Our clients

Our experience covers both b2b and b2c across retail, telecoms, financial services, hospitality, transportation, business services and technology sectors in the UK and overseas. Here are some of the clients we have worked with.