CX measurement

Pink tape-measure isolated on white background with photographic method

How can you measure your results so that you know you are getting a return on your investment?

Traditional financial measures such as revenue growth and profitability are vital indicators of business performance but they are lagging metrics. Our concern is with the upstream factors such as customer loyalty, differentiation and brand preference and their causal relationship with financial performance.
We use a unique set of tried and tested tools for measuring the success of your customer experience initiative. Using real data, our approach involves modelling the impact – on customer numbers and revenue – of an increase in the percentage of customers who become advocates of your brand.

Customer experience scorecard

We also work with you to create a scorecard of measures to monitor your customer experience metrics and how you are performing on the most important drivers of customer retention. The scorecard will help you align these results with your financial reporting and other operational KPIs. It will also help you link your management and employee recognition schemes to these measures so that you reward people for the right behaviours

In addition to CX measurement, we also offer customer experience assessment and customer experience health check.

Our clients

Our experience covers both b2b and b2c across retail, telecoms, financial services, hospitality, transportation, business services and technology sectors in the UK and overseas. Here are some of the clients we have worked with.