Organisational alignment & behavioural change model

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Customer experience is an enterprise-wide strategy, not a functional one. The key to aligning your organisation is to align the senior executive team first

Your CX effort may well start in one part of the business because of a pressing need. However without eventually gaining organisation-wide support and commitment there is only so much that can be achieved. Customers interact with companies how and when they choose – across channels and across different platforms – without any interest in functional boundaries. They expect to have a seamless experience and if the organisation is not joined up, they probably won’t. It is essential that all functions – marketing, operations, technology, finance and HR – are aligned because they all impact the customer experience in one way or another.

At its core, establishing organisation-wide buy-in and commitment to a customer experience strategy, (or any other strategy), is a leadership issue. Senior executives play a critical role through their communication, their role modelling, the way they spend their time, the decisions they take and by the behaviour they recognise and celebrate.

cp2 can provide strategic advice and guidance to your senior team to plan and execute your customer experience strategy and ensure its success. We work flexibly, building on what you already have in place, adding support where you need it.

In addition to organisational alignment & behavioural change, we also offer leadership development & employee training.

Our clients

Our experience covers both b2b and b2c across retail, telecoms, financial services, hospitality, transportation, business services and technology sectors in the UK and overseas. Here are some of the clients we have worked with.