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Train your employees to be your best ambassadors. Ensure your managers and leaders have the skills to embed and sustain your CX strategy

We can develop and deliver tailored training designed to build the commitment and the skills your people need to deliver your customer experience and ‘live’ your brand.

There is nothing generic about the training we design. Generic service, sales or leadership training will do nothing to differentiate your brand. By ‘tailored training’ we mean a specifically tailored intervention that connects your people to your customer experience and is anchored in the day to day realities of their role. So whilst the central core of the training will be built around your customer promise (and for leaders how to coach and embed the behaviours their teams need) the workshops developed for service people, those in sales roles and those in internal facing roles will all be slightly different. The differences will reflect the different interactions each group has on a daily basis.

As organisations wrestle with the changing nature of work, how they respond to the need for learning will become a differentiating capability that will separate high performing from moderately performing companies. To ensure a seat at the executive table L&D professionals will need to talk the language of business as we highlight in this blog post. We have a wealth of experience of rolling out highly tailored training to equip and inspire employees at all levels, their managers and leaders to deliver the organisation’s customer experience whatever their role.

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