Customer Experience Mini Guides

How to measure ROI

Delighting customers comes with a cost. Delivering a superior customer experience should meet, and even excel customer expectations. But, not at any cost.

Improving customer advocacy and retention

Delighted customers that have an affinity with your brand will help create new customers, new advocates even. But, advocacy has to be earned.

Best practice in the customer experience training room

Most businesses have a customer experience vision, but few invest in tailored employee training to unite their people around these. Learn about best practices in our Customer Experience Mini Guide

Empower employees to deliver on your customer promise

It’s no accident that brands that provide a great customer experience usually provide a great employee experience too. Find out more in our mini guide

Create experience by design

Customer experience leaders, lauded by their customers, peers and beyond, formulate and implement enterprise-wide CX programmes underpinned by a well-crafted strategy