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Customer loyalty

An Inconvenient Truth

In this guide, you'll learn an inconvenient truth that will challenge your thinking and assumptions about customer loyalty. We discuss the following: The one reason why businesses struggle with loyalty. How the struggle is made worse by myths and disbelief. We outline The scale of the behavioural change that [...]

Customer retention starts with your culture and people – lessons from Revolut

Retail banking shouldn't be seen as an endless bout between between challenger and incumbent. Customers don't view their experience in this way. Neither should you. People are seeking financial allies, not adversaries. They don't care about the issues that preoccupy most traditional banks - legacies, cost, regulatory pressures, models [...]

How to sustain customer loyalty as the cost of living crisis deepens

“75% of brands could disappear ... and most consumers wouldn't care ...” What’s going wrong with the UK services sector? As I ended last week as Mr Angry, having had bad experiences with my bank, utility provider, and delivery company, I reflected on what had gone so wrong. Have [...]

Why there’s a CX empathy gap and how to close it

We humans are not limited by rational thinking. We can be unpredictable. The decisions we take are weighted by our emotions. We use emotional intelligence (EI) to understand, use and manage these emotions in positive ways. Empathy, the ability to understand and relate to the thoughts and feelings of [...]