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CX Leadership

cp2experience partner Permanent TSB wins CX Impact Award – here’s why

We are delighted to announce that partner Permanent TSB has won the financial services category at The Irish CX Impact Awards 2021. The bank took home the award for its commitment to the grassroots development and growth of its transformative Blackbelt CX programme. The winner's story showed how Permanent [...]

Post lockdown shopping at its best

We have all got so used to shopping online that some commentators have sounded the alarm and warned that the high street is dead and the future for bricks and mortar retailers is bleak. There is no doubt that online will continue to grow. It is also true that the [...]

The Insurer’s Guide to Customer-Led Growth

There has been a profound change in the behaviour, values and beliefs of insurance customers over the past year. Returning to a pre-Covid world is not an option. The change has been so deep that insurers will need to go back to customer experience blueprints and work out how [...]

What does it take to be a successful CX leader?

A CX leader with their hands on the tiller in 2021 is not the same leader that they were at the start of last year. The pandemic has tested the mettle of executives charged with reacting in a meaningful way to the shifting sands of customer needs, wants and [...]