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CX ROI and Maturity

How to drive customer experience ROI through insurance analytics

There is a customer experience fault line running through most insurance companies based on a weakness around customer data, analytics and predictive modelling. The fault makes it difficult to develop a CX improvement plan and a measurement framework to track the business impact and ROI on [...]

How to prove CX ROI – a winner’s story

Businesses are swimming in CX metrics. But most organisations are still data rich and insight poor when it comes to measuring the business impact and return on their efforts. By their own admission, about one-in-six companies are unable to link customer experience investment back to business results, according to [...]

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Understanding where your business is on the journey to achieving a differentiated customer experience is vital to effectively prioritise plans and areas for focus in 2021. Our Customer Experience Assessment is designed to help you understand where your organisation is on this journey. The CX Assessment can be used used [...]

The Insider’s Guide to Measuring CX

The Insider's Guide to Measuring CX What's the return on your CX strategy? Not knowing the answer to this question is a difficult position to hold. With little sign of Covid's stronghold on the economy weakening, key stakeholders need a clear understanding of the business impact of their customer [...]

How to measure ROI

Delighting customers comes with a cost. Delivering a superior customer experience should meet, and even excel customer expectations. But, not at any cost.