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CX Transformation

Grounded: CX lessons from the summer flights fiasco

Travellers have regained their confidence to fly again. But for some, trust that they will ever take off has been broken. The summer flights fiasco continues. The mayhem could go on for months. Nevertheless, there are valuable CX lessons for airlines and airports (two reputations are at stake – [...]

How to make customer experience the cornerstone of a merger

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) recently celebrated its first birthday after a £31bn merger last June. The deal created one of the UK's largest providers with 47 million customers across broadband, mobile, TV and home phone. Rumours are also swirling about another game-changing tie-in. The FT reports that Three parent [...]

Implementing a customer-driven change strategy in three phases

In a recent post we discussed the four pillars of successful CX transformation. We explored the reasons why programmes will most likely fail if a business misfires on any one of these pillars: leadership, organisation-wide alignment, capability development and infrastructure. In this article we introduce a proven three-phased process [...]

The four pillars of successful CX transformation

Many businesses know that customer experience is their most important battleground. Scan the latest research headlines and organisations tell us that CX transformation is a top strategic priority. Forrester reports that 76% of executives say improving CX is a high or critical priority. Meanwhile, a third of companies that [...]

Customer journey mapping: time for a rethink

Even in normal times – and we live in anything but normal times – there are aspects of customer journeys that you won't have seen or anticipated. New journeys need to be identified and pieced together - end to end. But the methods most companies still use are rooted [...]