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6 CX trends uprooting 2022 planning

There are evergreen CX trends like omnichannel, digital, self-serve and personalisation that are part of the strategic fabric of every customer-centric business. They have been shaping customer experience plans for years. These trends have gradually changed and developed over time as transformation programmes gained maturity. Then Covid comes along. [...]

23 customer experience statistics shaping the new reality

Your customer experience has changed and there's no going back to how things were. You know the narrative for the past year because you've lived through it - we all have. The world's gone digital. This much we know. But how is the rest of the CX story unfolding? [...]

6 trends shaping CX redesign in 2021

The Coronanvirus crisis has been a clarion call to CX leaders like no other. As the crisis broke the five-year plan became the five-day plan. As the road ahead started to stretch out, leaders were able to recalibrate and respond with fleet-footed nimbleness, and clarity about what it would take [...]

The future of experience retail in 15 statistics

As retailers increasingly compete on customer experience perhaps the biggest challenge is working out how, why and where CX adds the most value.  Both for customers and as a business.  Keeping pace with the speed of change and meeting the demands and expectations of customers with ever-changing needs also needs [...]

15 vital customer experience statistics for 2018

15 vital customer experience statistics for 2018 Research by Walker predicted that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the main differentiator. We’re just a couple of years away and most brands have already arrived in the future especially when it comes to strategic thinking. The pioneers [...]