Employee engagement and culture

We really enjoyed National Customer Services Week #NCSW2015, a week long opportunity to promote customer service and the vital role it plays in business growth. Here is our article on Thursday’s topic – employee engagement and culture.

Employee engagement and culture are certainly on the minds of senior executives these days. Deloitte University’s study published in February reported that 87 percent of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, and 50 percent call the issue “very important”

So, why are organisations the world over so concerned about culture and employee engagement?

The answer is very simple. Despite the fact that consumers increasingly interact with suppliers online – to do their shopping, manage their finances and plan their holidays – people still matter! A recent study by Mori Research found that

“The single most important factor driving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is employee behaviour”                                Mori Research

This research simply confirms the work pioneered at Harvard Business School a number of years ago known as the Service Profit Chain. The team at Harvard found a statistical link between the employee experience, the customer experience and company growth.

Put simply, those organisations that have highly engaged employees find that their people stay longer, are more productive and are prepared to go the extra mile for customers. Not surprisingly that leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, greater brand loyalty which in turn drives superior financial performance. Increasingly organisations are appreciating the power of the Service Profit Chain principles as a way of creating a ‘compelling place to work, a compelling place to shop and a compelling place to invest’

So, what’s the significance of culture in this context?

Culture is sometimes described as ‘the way things are done around here’ – the behaviours, values and ways of working that are in evidence within an organization every day, from the Boardroom to the shop floor. The significance of organisational culture is that it dictates how its employees operate, how they get things done. In the words of Peter Drucker “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

The Institute of Customer Services states that:

Engaged employees, who understand and connect with the organisation’s purpose and culture are a key point of differentiation and fundamental to customer service performance.”

It is clear. You cannot deliver an outstanding customer experience without engaged employees and having a culture and values that support the focus on the customer is key to consistency.

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Employee engagement and culture - National Customer Services Week 2015

Employee engagement and culture – National Customer Services Week 2015