The Insider’s Guide to Measuring CX

What’s the return on your CX strategy? Not knowing the answer to this question is a difficult position to hold. With little sign of Covid’s stronghold on the economy weakening, key stakeholders need a clear understanding of the business impact of their customer experience efforts.

The reasons for measuring CX haven’t changed. But the route to demonstrable ROI for your business is being changed by the pandemic. The irreversible shifts in customer behaviour, beliefs and values means your customers’ expectations have changed. You’ll need to revisit the drivers shaping this behavioural change and rethink how and where your CX programme adds value – or where it needs to be changed – to benefit your customers and business.

What to measure

When planning your CX measurement strategy there are three interrelated questions to address:

  1. What are you trying to achieve as a business?
  2. What should you measure?
  3. What is the relationship between upstream and downstream measures?

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