How to drive customer experience ROI through insurance analytics

There is a customer experience fault line running through most insurance companies based on a weakness around customer data, analytics and predictive modelling. The fault makes it difficult to develop a CX improvement plan and a measurement framework to track the business impact and ROI on [...]

The (in)convenient truth about insurance claims

The insurance sector is notoriously low touch. There are arguably only four key customer journeys: taking out a policy, renewal, making a claim and cancellation. Customers tend to only hear from their insurer once or twice each year, and these are usually dull, administrative interactions. Then it's radio silence [...]

The Insurer’s Guide to Customer-Led Growth

There has been a profound change in the behaviour, values and beliefs of insurance customers over the past year. Returning to a pre-Covid world is not an option. The change has been so deep that insurers will need to go back to customer experience blueprints and work out how [...]