Liz Little
Senior Client Director

Liz's expertise is in developing client relationships. Her passion is to work with clients and help them deliver improvements in the customer experience to drive loyalty and growth. Liz began her career in advertising, working in a variety of client-facing commercial and strategic roles. Since then her business experience has encompassed public sector organisations like the NHS and private sector companies including BT, Vauxhall and Tesco – both in the UK and internationally. Her most recent role was Director of Customer Advocacy at a leading healthcare company.

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Our consultants

We have a strong team of consultants across the UK & Ireland, Europe & Middle East and the United States

Strategic Partner

Clive Silver - CS Media

UK & Ireland

Adrian Day
Barry Day
Helen Michaels
Jane Palmer
Ian Williams
Nick Wright
Sue Bohane
Suzy Dunn
Vicky Fleming
Nigel Gilkes
Alison Hand
Grainne Madden
Heather Preston
Lynn Russell
Susannah Feltham
Lisa James
Julie Kemp

Europe & Middle East

Maureen Chester
Francesco Gandolfi
Daniela Gardini
Laura Mari
Lars Otterstatter
Barbara Rock
Elvira Rodrigo
Helen Sell

United States

Jane Blankenship
Jerry Hogveen
Angela O’Connell
Ferando Caramazana
James Turk
John Petraborg

Our clients

Our experience covers both b2b and b2c across retail, telecoms, financial services, hospitality, transportation, business services and technology sectors in the UK and overseas. Here are some of the clients we have worked with.