How do you ensure your people go the extra mile and provide excellent service?

The key is to make service relevant for everyone and to foster behavioural change at every level, across all functions.

Bringing about behavioural change is not easy. Especially when leadership, service and sales training has been generic and not hard-wired to the customer experience.

Embedding change

Our approach to changing behaviour through training is different. Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to your specific customer strategy.

Our training team will:

  • Start by creating a context for the training and align the content to the very specific values, behaviours and skills required to deliver your customer experience
  • Tailor the content to the different functions and levels
  • Create short, focused, modules based on the day-to-day challenges your people face
  • Ensure leaders and managers are able to role-model, coach, recognise and reward the right behaviours
  • Build the practical tools required to transfer new skills from the training room to the daily operation

The result? An integrated learning system that will deliver a world class service experience for your customers.

cp2 will help you transform the capability of your people to deliver world class customer service. Service that your customers will love and and your people will be proud of.