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Retail, eCommerce and Logistics

Post lockdown shopping at its best

We have all got so used to shopping online that some commentators have sounded the alarm and warned that the high street is dead and the future for bricks and mortar retailers is bleak. There is no doubt that online will continue to grow. It is also true that the [...]

What the Boohoo story tells us about customer loyalty

Sustaining customer loyalty is notoriously difficult in the world of fast fashion, which is built on low prices and fast turnover. When you think that 2 in 5 consumers feel no loyalty to fashion retailers, and they will only stay loyal if they perceive that they are receiving real [...]

Digital retail experience: what matters most to your new customer cohort?

Bricks and mortar retailers, direct-to-consumer challengers and eCommerce brands are relearning who their customers are in the slipstream of the Coronavirus pandemic. The crisis accelerated the digital transformation of consumer behaviour and habits resulting in a rapid shift from bricks to clicks, to contactless shopping and payments. And there's [...]