How can you transform your customer experience?

The challenge for most companies is to turn the ‘customer focus’ aspiration in their annual report into reality. To create customers who are so loyal they would not think of leaving you for a competitor.

How? By using cp2’s four-step approach:

cp2’s four-step, systematic approach

  • Step 1: Insight. To build a clear and profound understanding of what your customers value and expect. What drives them to you in the first place? What will make them buy from you again? What would make them refer your company to someone else?
  • Step 2: Design. The new (future state) experience across all key customer touchpoint and develop a plan for change. The plan might include changes to: culture, training, leadership behaviour, HR processes, store/branch layout, contact centre, online channels and your products and services.
  • Step 3: Implement. Align the organisation at all levels, across all functions. Prioritise and implement the plan developed from the decisions made in step 2.
  • Step 4: Embed. Ensure company-wide decision making is built around the new customer experience. Continuously review and improve business processes, the customer experience and organisation-wide skills/capability

cp2 will help you transform your customer experience. One that your customers will love and and your people will be proud of.