What is Customer Experience?

Posted by Julie Kemp, Wednesday 22nd April.

Implemented well, Customer Experience is all about influencing the buying behaviour of an organisation’s strategically most valuable customers.

The functional and emotional experience that an organisation delivers to their customers every day, through every touch-point, tangible or intangible, either builds value for their brand or damages it. The sum of all these touch-points is the Customer Experience. It defines the organisation and what it  stands for and shapes how their customers think and feel about the company.

Customer Experience

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When businesses engage with customers positively and emotionally, over time, the customers become loyal and will willingly advocate the brand on their behalf. Higher levels of loyalty and advocacy lead to increased revenues and profits.

Many companies fail to realise that positioning customers at the heart of a business will deliver:

  • Improved customer experience, customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Improved employee experience, more engaged and more productive staff
  • Improved financial results

Customer Experience is not just about the customers, though. Effective implementation requires that employees are engaged and aligned behind delivery of the the customer experience and the companies’ brand. When they are, employees are more motivated and productive, and this in turn helps reduce costs and generate additional revenue for the organisation.

For some companies the experience is intentional, for others it’s left to chance.

CP2 Experience can help make your customer experience intentional, deliberate and the basis for your competitive advantage – get in touch: johna@cp2experience.com or call John Aves on +44 (0) 7850 603 723